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Memorize Anything By Reciting.

Have to memorize a speech, poem, lyrics or scripture? Have a Spanish test coming up? Memorize By Heart is a tool used by professionals that uses memorization techniques for a faster and longer lasting memory.
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Practice your knowledge by reciting memorization to the app and see your speech turn to text.


Glance over your recitation and enter and fix any text manually by typing it out.


You will receive instant feedback with about 96% accuracy on the words you got wrong.







Our features

Our approach to memorization is psychologically based

Memorize any text through repeated exposure and selective removal of letters and words. Then practice what you've learned by reciting back or typing it out

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Unlimited Memorizations

Create as many memorizations as you'd like. We include hundreds of popular text for free for you to download or you can write/copy and paste any text.

Supports Multiple Languages

Trying to learn Spanish? No hay problema! French giving you a hard time? Tu peux le faire! You can choose between about 142 different languages to memorize and recite back

Versitile Utility Tool

Great for anything you need to remember; speeches, poems, lyrics, sonnets, scripture verses, school work, language learning, medical terms, quotes, aphorisms, etc.

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Are you ready to jump speed your memory and learn any text by heart? Download now for an amazing experience you will remember!

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